Coronavirus FAQ's

Coronavirus is showing the goods and bads of social media. Twitter is the best way to get news quick in my opinion... it's also a good way to get "news" that came from something that Jimmy saw on Facebook and told his friend Jason, who then shared it on Twitter... You have to do some research...

So a scientist named Dave Troy posted some frequently asked questions he's encountered. He's an expert on the mathematics behind how diseases spread... and that's a big reason this virus is scary... how quickly it spreads...

Some of the questions...

1. "Why are people freaking out, isn't it basically like the flu?" No, because it's more contagious, and no one has any immunity to it. People who get the flu infect 1.3 other people, on average. The average person who gets coronavirus infects about three times that many.

2. "When will life go back to normal?" We don't know yet. But expect March, April, May, and June to be heavily disrupted.

3. "Won't it calm down in summer when the temperature goes up?" Some respiratory diseases work that way, but not all of them. And even if it does, it could ramp back up in the fall.

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