This Pool Is Why I Work Nonstop

If you have listened to any show that I am on for any length of time, you know I work a lot. Some people think I talk on the radio for a few hours, then I go home and have the rest of the day to chill... Now some radio people get to do that... I am not one of them.

I have always put in a lot of work... growing up my Mom regularly had 3 jobs... so it's just something I always saw. My Mom did what she could with the hand she was dealt... but we grew up not having much. I never faulted her for that but I always wanted to make sure I didn't flip the switch and the lights not come on... even if that meant working more hours than not working in a day.

Getting into radio isn't easy... staying in radio is even harder. For reasons I can't really explain... and believe me I have spent way too many hours of my life trying to explain it to myself... I have always had to work harder than other people to keep this radio thing going. Maybe I'm not as funny as I think I am... Luckily, the work is fun and I am doing what I love... and all that work lets me put a few dollars aside. When we decided a year ago (Pre-Corona) to build a new house, we decided it would be our last house until we downsize to retire someday... and unless the bank takes it from us someday... that's the plan. When we made that decision, we decided to build a pool... a pool that would make us want to stay home and spend our time there versus going places and spending money... and that's what we did!

Yes I work a lot... Yes I am always tired... But when I walk in the door and see this pool in my backyard... all of the extra hours are worth it! And I have to shout at DreamScapes for designing and building my favorite place to be in the whole world!

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