The Other Titanic Ending

I am a freak for anything Titanic... Not just the movie... I'm a history nerd so I am in to the history of it all. I can spend hours going down the Titanic rabbit hole. So it shocked me a little that I had never seen the alternate ending to the movie Titanic. I have seen the movie 100 times easily. Anytime I come across it on TV I watch from whatever point I pick it up, but I never knew there was another ending... Does the ship sink? Does Rose move over so Jack can live???

The ending we all know shows old Rose, played by Gloria Stuart, secretly revealing that she's had the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace the whole time. She drops it into the ocean... over the wreckage of the Titanic... and no one finds out, including the treasure hunter Brock Lovett, played by Bill Paxton.

Well, in the alternate ending, Rose SHOWS Brock and his crew that she has the necklace... That's when everything goes sideways... A lot of people (including Paxton) hated it... I think I like it...

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