90's Flashback: No Doubt

My biggest celebrity crush had to be Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. Back in the late 90's I saw them on tour after Tragic Kingdom blew up. We made our way close to the stage and while they were playing "Just A Girl", I climbed on my friend's shoulders to shoot my shot... Gwen told all the girls in the crowd to sing "I'm Just A Girl..." and since I was above the crowd I figured this was my chance. I belted out "I'M JUST A GIRL!!!!" She stopped and pointed me out and said "You're not a girl!!!!"... And that's as close as I got to shooting my shot... but I will always remember that like it was yesterday. The show was great... and I guess Gwen made it OK romantically without me... Blake Shelton is OK I guess...

Check out this video I found of No Doubt from 1994 before they blew up... It's awesome!

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