Aliens Invented That

The Pentagon was finally come out and said "OK... we can't ignore it anymore... UFOs actually exist..." I didn't need them to tell me that... and most people didn't either. There has been a ton of videos lately of things flying through the sky. This is the leaked video that the Pentagon finally had to acknowledge...

I have a theory that may be out there... but hear me out... I think every major invention in history has been, in some way, influenced by Aliens. It's a simple theory... It is based on this idea... I don't see how we as humans are moving along through life, and suddenly, a giant breakthrough. I understand that the fire, the car, the computer, space travel... and the list goes on and on... didn't happen overnight. That said I just find it hard to believe that these inventions just came about. I wasn't there so I don't know... but maybe Aliens swung by and "planted" the ideas for these major breakthroughs so that humans could make them reality. Perhaps some of the inventions that we came up with, were simply left behind by actual Aliens?

Before you call me crazy... CHECK OUT THIS STORY!

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