Need Something To Watch?

During the pandemic we watched a lot of TV... If you need something new to watch, CNet put together a list of the 31 best documentaries to binge watch. Some of them I probably won't watch because they are just not something that I am into... but the list is pretty solid and it has something for everyone.

Some of them I have already seen and I can agree they are worth the watch...

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal - I just watched this one. It does a good job of breaking down what happened and just how big the whole thing was. Aunt Becky was just the face of it... it is way bigger than that. Weirdly, was I watched, I found myself wondering how nobody saw this happening a mile away?! Also... rich people buying their way into stuff isn't new.

The Last Dance - The story of Michael Jordan can't be bad... I love the candid conversations with MJ today, about some of the stuff in the doc... He clearly doesn't worry about hurting feelings.

Making A Murderer - I was late on this one... but it is AWESOME. It actually made me want to drive up there and make my case for Steven Avery!

Challenger: The Final Flight - This one took me back to 5th grade... when Ms. Durak came in and told us that the shuttle had just exploded. I was sure for the next 2 days that they would find them alive, floating in the cockpit. Watching this you see that there was no way on earth that this wasn't bound to happen.

Up next for me from the list... Who Killed Little Gregory and American Murder: The Family Next Door

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