Maybe Karma Is Real

As a boater, I am always as nice as I can be to other boaters... Pretty good rule to follow on the water, and in life actually. This group in Moses Lake in Washington didn't follow that simple rule. According to the twitter thread, a boat full of people came by a boat flying an LGBTQ flag and they were giving them the finger... yelling at them... even circling close to rock their boat! They pulled away, but stalled out about 50 yards away. It seems all the rough riding caused some fumes to build up and when they tried to restart the boat... it burst into flames! The jerks on the boat jumped off... and had to be rescued by the same people they were taunting minutes earlier over a flag!

I don't generally believe in karma, but in this case it came back around real quick!

Click Here to check out the story and Tik Tok video!

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