Karaoke Couples Goals

If you have ever been around me and a MIC, you know I am prone to rockin' it. I love karaoke... I love singing/rapping when there isn't karaoke... I just love being on the MIC... As evidence by this video from my pool deck.

My wife is not a fan of being on the MIC... which is probably for the best for everyone involved. But if she ever gets the urge we could end up like this couple in Tampa. They jumped on the MIC to totally SLAY Nelly and Kelly's "Dilemma"... They didn't even need the words... and take notice of the dude's perfect adlibs... the “cha & ahh” noises into the microphone while his lady was singing... I wouldn't want to follow them on stage, but seeing this happen in front of me would be a thing of beauty!

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