Who Was The True Star Of *NSYNC?

There was always the *NSYNC -vs- BSB debate... but even after you picked your side, there was another debate... Which member of the band was "your guy". On the surface, when you think *NSYNC, you might think Justin, but Canderrian Brown, of Delta State University would disagree... He would argue that JC is the true star of *NSYNC... You can read why HERE.

I will say that I don't think JC gets the credit he deserves for his solo work... One of my favorites...

It would be unfair for me to pick a favorite though... I am biased, having become friends with Joey and Chris... who have also done some pretty big things outside of *NSYNC... I look at the group as the group... all of them were what made *NSYNC... and I enjoy the side projects as well...

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