My Weight Loss Journey: Before and After

Growing up I was skinny... I mean 125 pounds soaking wet skinny... But morning and radio and age will do a number on your weight... and by do a number on, I mean add to it, quickly! After a few years on the show, I became what I call "Skinny-Fat". I appear to be thin, but I'm really not. The picture that I posted with my wife and I was taken maybe 5 years ago... and I think that was the last time I felt "in shape". I have worked with a few programs over the years, but to be honest, they were either gimmicky or just too strict for me to really stick to. I mean, we want to lose weight, but we are people and we can't and usually won't, stick to something that makes us unhappy.

A few months ago I met with Florida Fat Loss. When the Salesperson here asked me, I was upfront... I said "I have tried clients in the past... If it's not something I can do, then I won't do it just to say it on the radio..." She was totally understanding, so I took the meeting. I met with the Director of Patient Care, Cesar, and the meeting was great. It wasn't a pitch for the program, more of a get to know me and my lifestyle, to understand why I need to lose the weight and what might be in the way of that. After our conversation, he explained the program, which did sound way too easy, and I got started.

I am lucky, I don't need to lose a lot of weight. I was shooting for 18-20 pounds. And after 60 days on the program, I am almost there. Full transparency... I would be there if it weren't for some of my cheat days... But that's another thing I love about Florida Fat Loss... They understand that will happen, and that's what has allowed me to cheat and get back on track. I am down 15 pounds! It's more than the weight for me too. I feel great... I have more energy... cutting out some of the foods that I was eating daily has stopped the afternoon crash I used to have everyday. It's been great! I highly reccomend you check it out. They personalize the program, so each person will have a different plan, but if you stick to it, you will get the results!

I get embarrassed easily (shocking I know) but I told them I would share it. This is my before and after photo... It's not the final product yet, but I had no idea until I put them side by side just how big of a difference 15 pounds could make! Excuse the unhappy face... I took these at 3am! Get you free personal consultation CLICK HERE

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