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Is Instagram Really Bringing Back The Chronological Timeline?

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Do you remember when Instagram change the format of its timeline in 2017? We went from seeing posts in chronological order to an algorithm-generated timeline and EVERYONE hated it. At least I know I did. With the algorithm-generated timeline, posts disappear when I am looking at them. I like posts from months ago, and I don’t see posts from people I would like to see. When a social media platform or any brand changes something about their product, people, in the beginning, complain but eventually get used to the changes. I can say with my entire chest that the algorithm-generated timeline has made my experience on Instagram less enjoyable, and I will never get used to it.

It’s been 4 years since the algorithm-generated timeline debuted and recently, Instagram announced they are bringing back the chronological timeline. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered this news. My work revolves around Instagram, so I had to make sure the news was legit.

Of course, the headline, “Instagram brings back the chronological timeline,” grabs my attention, but there’s more to the announcement. I did some digging, and I want to share with you what Instagram means when they say they are bringing back the chronological timeline.

 The official Twitter account for the Instagram PR team, @instagramcomms tweeted this.

Then the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri tweeted this below,

It looks like Instagram will have a version of the chronological timeline available, but, it will not be a mandatory update across the platform. Users will have to opt in to use the chronological timeline and mark their favorite accounts to view in chronological order. Instagram stated the feature will launch in 2022, but that doesn’t mean that the feature will be up and running soon.

This announcement came when Mosseri appeared in front of a senate committee to answer questions about the platform being harmful to children. Leaked documents from this year stated that company officials recognize the platform can be a toxic environment for children and did nothing to stop it.

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