The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap *SPOILERS*

I'm gonna try to keep this blog short and sweet since it's super duper late (sorry.) Another JAM packed episode of The Bachelor that left me feeling more conflicted than ever before. I'm really starting to question my own judgement of character.....let's dive in.

Last week was full of drama all surrounding Alayah which ultimately ended in Alayah being sent home. Episode 4 kicks off with a visit from Chris Harrison. He tells the ladies Peter has left town and it's time for them to start packing. He builds up the excitement talking about how they're making their first stop on their little trip around the world just to let the girls know they're going to Cleveland, Ohio. I don't think any one of these ladies could be any less excited about this news, and they don't even try to hide it. Now, I'm not knockin' Cleveland, Ohio, I'm just saying if you're about to hype up a trip around the world, you should probably start with somewhere a little more exciting.

The first date in Ohio is a one on one with Victoria F and wow do these diabolic producers deserve a raise after this one. Victoria meets Peter at an airplane *shocker* and off into the sky they go. Their first stop is Cedar Point which was actually really cool for me to watch because being from Michigan, I grew up going to Cedar Point at least once a year. After they enjoy some rides, some drinks, and talk about having an even number of kids, the real fun begins. Peter is so excited about the next part of their date- a private concert with Chase Rice. Seems cool, right? Probably would've been a lot cooler for Victoria F if Chase Rice wasn't her ex-boyfriend. This is easily one of the best things to happen this season but also really stressed me out. The look on Victoria's face when she turns that corner and see's Chase on stage was absolutely priceless. Here's her ex, on stage, basically singing these lyrics DIRECTLY to her, while she's singing along and hanging all over Peter. The most uncomfortable part was after the performance, you see Peter and Chase just chattin' it up, even exchanging either phone numbers or social media. Poor Peter has absolutely no idea this guy has definitely hooked up with the girl he's on a date with. Then next thing ya know, Peter is no where to be found and Victoria F pulls Chase aside for a little chat. I feel like this was completely unnecessary and only made things more awkward. She claims she doesn't have feelings for this guy still, but I think that's a lie. If you are on a date with another guy, and you see your ex, you avoid him at all costs. On their dinner date, Victoria tells Peter about her and Chase and as expected, Peter was a little freaked out. I get it, this is an uncomfortable situation but I just think Victoria made it into a bigger deal than it needed to be. She runs off crying and of course Peter eventually goes after her and they talk it out and she gets her rose.

Back at the hotel, all the other girls find out they're going on a group date. The only name not on the list? Kelsey, which means she's getting a one on one. This was shocking to me....I feel like Kelsey is the last person I expected to get a one on one but it seems like Peter's already forgotten about the #ChampagneGate. All 13 of the other girls head out to their date, and play in a not-so-friendly game of tackle football. The winning team gets to move on to the next portion of the date, losing team goes home. What do ya know? They end in a tie. Now, this is where my concern for my judgement of character comes in. All this time, I've been thinking Victoria P is one of the most genuine people here. When she finds out they're playing football, she suddenly has a "back injury" and doesn't want to risk "hurting it more" and decided to sit out. I don't hate the move...I don't agree with it but I don't hate it. Shiann absolutely crushed it in the football game, scoring the most points for her team. When they head to the next portion of the date, she's really hoping to be the first one to get some time with Peter. If anyone deserves some time, it's Shiann. I feel like she always gets interrupted and has gotten the amount least time out of anyone else and that doesn't change here. The first person to pull Peter aside for some alone time is Victoria P, who just spent the entire group date having alone time with Peter while everyone else was battling it out on the football field. When Shiann finally gets her time, she's interrupted by someone even worse- Alayah. Alayah who went home last week is back and interrupting Shiann's time and I am not happy so I can't even imagine how Shiann feels. Alayah has apparently come to clear her name since everyone threw her under the bus last week, then all jumped on that bus together, and then ran her over and over again. Who was driving that bus? It was Victoria P, who claimed her and Alayah barely knew each other. Meanwhile, Alayah is telling Peter about the VACATION they took together to VEGAS. This is where I become very conflicted.... someone is clearly lying here and as much as I wanted it to be Alayah, I think it's Victoria P. You don't go on vacation with someone you're not friends with. Victoria told Peter she's spent maybe 3 hours collectively with Alayah....that's clearly a lie. Peter gets Victoria and decides to sit them both down so they can tell their side of the story. Alayah seems to be stating the facts, Victoria seems to be shakin' in her boots. She has no idea how to pull herself out of this one. Another thing that makes me think she's lying is that she not only greets Alayah with a big ol' hug, she then starts wiping away Alayah's tears. I'm sorry, but you don't wipe away someone that you don't even like's tears. YOU JUST DON'T, VICTORIA.

While all this drama is going on, all 12 other girls are just hangin' out talking about how annoying it is that they've literally gotten 0 time with Peter....rightfully so. Just when they think it couldn't get any worse, Peter invites Alayah back into the house and gives her the group date rose for the group date she wasn't even invited on because she wasn't even supposed to be there.

In the midst of all the drama, Kelsey's one on one date kind of slides under the radar. Not that it wasn't a great date, there was just way too much going on that stole her spotlight.

It doesn't take long for Alayah to bury herself in the drama again. During her short time at home, she must've read online about Victoria F dating Chase Rice and decided to tell some of the other girls in the house. When word gets back to Victoria F, she goes off on Alayah and I respect it. That's none of Alayah's business and she's already on thin ice. No one is happy about Alayah being back and they make sure she knows it.

The episode ends still in the middle of all the drama which means, next week is gonna start with all the drama. Buckle up y''s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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