Man Arrested for After Stabbing Roommate in Neck While Wearing Cat Suit

Gainesville, FL - A shocking incident unfolded on Tuesday as a Florida man attempted to kill his roommate by stabbing him in the neck while wearing a cat onesie.

The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon when the victim dialed 911 to report being attacked by his roommate, identified as 32-year-old Omar Gutierrez.

The Alachua County Sheriff's Office dispatched deputies to the Gainesville residence, and upon arrival, deputies encountered a scene of distress and chaos.

The sheriff's office shared bodycam footage captured during the incident on their Facebook page, showing deputies forcefully breaking down the door of the residence, desperately trying to reach the severely injured victim, who lay on the ground bleeding from his neck profusely.

Despite the severity of his injuries, the victim managed to walk out of the home unaided.

Meanwhile, deputies maintained their vigilance, issuing commands to Gutierrez, who was still inside the home.

Eventually, Gutierrez emerged from a different area of the residence, wearing what appeared to be cat pajamas or a cat onesie.

Deputies took him into custody on a charge of attempted murder.

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