LISTEN: Hillsborough Residents Shredding Drives and Documents

TAMPA -- Residents in Hillsborough County get a chance to destroy old personal information this weekend.

Whether it's on a piece of paper, a computer or a phone, Shredfest will help Hillsborough residents get rid of it. Eric Olsen with county consumer and veteran services says E-shredding is becoming more important, and the county is offering that too. E-shredding involves destroying drives on computers and phones that could store individual information.

Shredfest happens from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, March 2nd, at Veterans Memorial Park on U-S 301. You're limited to three boxes or three garbage bags of shreddables. The service is intended for individuals who are Hillsborough County residents, not businesses.

To find out more about Shredfest, listen to our Beyond the News podcast below.

Photo: Canva

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