Feel like you are drowning in your feelings? Here's a great read.

Living through this Pandemic has set my emotions, anxieties, and all of my thoughts over the edge.

Sometimes they shoot straight up... and other times it feels like I have fallen off a cliff.

But the only way to manage them, is to deal with them.

SELF posted this great article about how to identify and acknowledge what I am actually feeling. And more times that not, I think I'm feeling one way, when I am actually feeling another.

If you are feeling "emotional" these days, just give this a read through.

I'm especially intrigued with the emotion wheel (which I have printed off and put up in my work space.)


Emotion Wheels


One quote from the article really hit me...

“So many people try their hardest not to feel something,” says Howes. “They don’t realize the relief that comes with not having to suppress it any longer.”

Think about that.

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