The video of the night that the Baby DJ volunteers made Johnny Magic cry

I don't know where to start. Baby DJ has always been something special for me. Every years from the middle for November to Dec 23, this takes over my life. Most time running on empty. I've always said that I will go anywhere to get a toy for a child. People often ask me if I grew up without toys on Christmas and is this the reason why I have so much passion for this program. The answer is, "No". My Mother and Father worked their butts off to provide Christmas for me and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I had friends and relatives that were struggling and I saw it first hand. I always knew that if I ever got in a position to help, I would.

Here we are 30 years later. One night as we were closing the baby Dj warehouse. I think this particular night, we help 330 families and 866 kids. The volunteers were exhausted. I just wanted to get them feed and get them home to their families. I always check with Carmen and Greg to see if anything needed to be done before we sent everyone home. They kept telling me, "hold on one minute". So I waited and waited. Finally Greg came to me and told me that the volunteers wanted to do something special for me. I told him absolutely not. I never want the attention of the Baby DJ program on me. It's more than just me. Whenever I'm asked to do an interview, I always tell them to talk to Carmen, Greg or someone else. I've never done this for the attention or look at me. look at me. The Baby DJ program is about people, helping people. This night I was tired. I think earlier in the afternoon I took a nap in one of the toy rooms so that I could be ready for the night. 

The video you're about to see is what happened when they asked me to sit down for a moment. I cried like a baby. Those tears came from no where. 

Thank you Greg for putting this together and Carmen, thank you for always being my right hand. 

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