Influencer Almost Dies In Frozen Lake During TikTok Stunt

TikTok Influencer Almost Dies Swimming Under Frozen Lake

I have to admit, I have spent countless hours watching TikTok videos. Everything from people coming up with new dances to eating challenges. But of course, there is something so satisfying about a good challenge video. Now, I'm not really sure if this TikTok video is a challenge video, but I know people are going to try to imitate it and I really hope they don't because it could be deadly.

What's the video about? (In case you haven't watched it yet)

This TikTok influencer, basically cuts a hole in the ice on a lake in Utah, strips down and attempts to swim under the ice which he does successfully. There is a moment however it looks like he gets lost briefly and it nearly gave me a panic attack. Glad he is ok!

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