Not The Noise You Want To Hear Arm Wrestling

Man Challenges Giant Guy To Arm Wrestling Match And Breaks Arm

Listen, we've all been there. At the bar, having a few drinks with friends and the ladies. Big dude walks in, the girl you're interested in makes a comment and you go **slightly slurrish** "oh, that guy. That don't mean jack. I can take him in an arm wrestling match nooo problem. Be. Right. Back!"

Now I'm not saying that's what happened in this video. But I can only assume it's something along those lines.

Anyway, here is the story. "Guy challenges huge muscle man to arm wrestling and instantly regrets it".

WARNING: Do not watch this if you are faint at heart of anything besides the Kardashians (<-- yeah I know I spelled it wront and I'm ok with that) and puppy videos.

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