Sophie Turner Won't Be Doing Any Instagram Influencing Anytime Soon

We are all on social media and you can't escape the influencer life. It's #ad, #swipeup...I mean it's all the things we know and love about Instagram. But, the other day our girl, the MVP - Sophie Turner shared a valuable lesson. She shared that influencer trends and products aren't always the best purchase.

Sophie isn't the first or only celeb to slam these "influencer products." Remember I was telling you Jameela Jamil was slamming those detox teas for the negative message they send on social media.

So, when I saw Sophie's post I literally LOLed. It's actually kinda scary. I see these ads and I am an adult, so I can tell that this powder isn't going to make me thin or whatever it claims to do. But, if I saw these ads while I was in high school I for sure would have been like, I want that, I need that.

I loveee that celebs are bringing awareness to how ridiculous these products are. We need role models like this! Sophie I love you.

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