Ralph Macchio Recalls Meeting His Wife in Grandma’s Basement at Age 15

Swoon! Karate Kid icon Ralph Macchio joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Tuesday, January 12, to chat Cobra Kai season 3 and recalled when he met now-wife Phyllis Fierro at age 15 in his grandma’s basement.

“It was my other cousin’s Sweet 16 birthday party and so she came … with a different cousin as a guest and there we were 15, 16 years old,” Ralph recalled. “And these were Sweet 16s [featuring] 7-Up, cheese doodles and tootsie rolls,” he jokingly added. “Not like limos.”

So did they date other people after their first meet-cute?

“A handful,” Ralph jokingly added. “Did she have more than I? Probably, but not many … but yes.”

The duo then tied the knot in April 1987 and later renewed their vows in 2012.

Credit: OAWRS

Maccio also, as fans are well aware, has since renewed his Karate Kid role in Netflix’s Cobra Kai, but he wasn’t always so keen on reviving the character.

“The low expectations on the onset worked in our favor,” he dished. “… I think I was the last one to come to the party. … I was resistant.”

Find out why by watching back the full interview in the video above. Catch Cobra Kai on Netflix now!