Let’s be honest, adapting in general is hard, for some! Whether is to a new city or a new job, adapting takes a mental toll on most people. I say most people because some handle change and adapting or adjusting very well. For me in other hand, it’s been 4 months and I’m still adjusting.If you don’t know by now lets me catch you up real quick. I moved to a new city, got engaged, got a new job, got a complete change of lifestyle and a few weeks ago was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. So in all honestly, when I initially finished this blog it was about 4 pages long. But who the heck is going to read all that? Nobody, exactly.

So, let’s start with adapting to new habits and breaking old ones. That ish is hard as duck! (I'm keeping PG for the kids yall) But seriously, my lifestyle has changed dramatically since moving to Orlando.From having to wake up at 5am before, to waking up at 2:30am now. To even adjusting to a new form of work ethic. (in comparison to the very low poor work ethic I was used to being surrounded by before). The Point is, change came at me like a wave.

Adjusting to the new lifestyle that my career has blessed me with, has been interestingly amazing! But not easy.Yes it’s been stressful and sometimes painful, but so worth it. Yes it’s taken me about 4 months for my body to properly adjust to a new sleeping schedule. I blame it on my awful sleeping patterns. And yes there are days I let the bs get to me, because we all have off days. But at the end of it all I love every second of it. I gotta be honest and confess that there were times I got a bit overwhelmed because of all the changes. And kinda lost track of certain things that also matter, like my health. Not so much my physical health, but my mental health. Throughout since I started this awesome journey, I have learned how real and important mental health is. & In my new blog next week, I will be sharing all the juicy/personal details of how i'm dealing/ “adjusting” to my new daily struggle with anxiety and depression.

Thanx for dropping by!

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