SideTakers With Melissa and Phillip!

Melissa is doing what she loves to do and would like for Phillip to do the same. He is working at a restaurant and going to school to study web design. This was their plan. Melissa is paying most of the bill so that Phillip can finish school

Two months ago. Phillip did a YOUTUBE video that went viral. It was a video of Phillip bathing their cat and the cat enjoying it. It was a cute video and people seem to like it. He has done 3 more videos since then and all of them have gone viral putting up insane numbers.

The problem is Phillip now wants to drop their plans and try to be an Influencer. He feels this is his calling. He would just do school, no more restaurant and just create content. Soon, he said, they'll start making money from his videos. Melissa is doing so well at her job that they aren't hurting financially Melissa thinks he can do this and keep his job. Phillip now has found something he loves and it's all he wants to do. He feels when he truly takes off it will be more money than they've ever see but he needs to focus on just this right now.


Side with Phillip and he'll quit his job and concentrate on making YOUTUBE videos.

Side with Melissa and Phillip will keep his job and make videos when he has time. 

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