SIDETAKERS With Avery and James

James wants his son to be in the wedding. Avery doesn't have problem with this. James's ex said that their son can be in the wedding with one condition, she must be able to go to the wedding also. She wants to be there for their son. The little boy is shy and wants his mother there.

Avery doesn't want the Mother there because she knows how she feels about the relationship. She thinks that the Ex just wants to make this day as uncomfortable as she can. This is Avery's first marriage, and she wants her day to be perfect.

James really wants his son in the wedding. He doesn't think his Ex is going to do anything crazy. She promised just to be there with their son after the ceremony and during the reception. The son has made it clean, that he would be sad without his mother there. Avery and the little boy have a good relationship, but he just really loves his mother and wants her with him. The little boy cares about his mother and father and will do whatever they decide.


Side with James and his little boy and his Ex will be attending the wedding.

Side with Avery and the little boy won't attend the wedding.

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