#SideTakers with Mateo and Madison!

Madison and Mateo are huge New York Giant Football fans. (the team sucks this year) People give them a hard time but they get excited to watch them play every Sunday. They are HUGE fans.

Mateo has friend at his new job that is offering to sell them tickets to see NY Giant vs Miami Dolphins tickets Dec. 5 in Miami. Mateo and Madison have never been to a Giant's game even when they lived in New York. This would be a dream come true.

The problem is, to buy the tickets they would have to use the money that they've been saving to buy their son a PS5 (PlayStation 5) It was going to be a surprise Christmas present. If they go to the game, the kid won't get the gaming system. Mateo doesn't have a problem with this because he feels the kid didn't know about and they'll just get him something else.

Madison wants to buy the PS5 because their kid is the most important thing to them. He has been great with the move but he misses him friends, and family that are still in NY. With the new PS5 he can communicate with them and he wouldn't be so alone while he finds new friends. He doesn't have a gaming system now. It broke just before they moved to Florida. They were saving to get a brand new one. Mateo said he could find him a used PS3 and still go to the game. Madison doesn't feel it right to do that.


Side with Mateo and they'll go to the football game in Miami and find the kid a used PlayStation.

Side with Madison. they won't go to the game and use the money to buy their son a new PS5.

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