The Bachelor Episode 3 Recap *SPOILERS*

I'm starting with a bold statement here. Episode 3 left me feeling rather conflicted. I know I've already publicly declared Hannah Ann as my enemy and I'm not going to retract my statement, but I am going to admit that either I was too quick to jump the gun on that one, or that I have two enemies. Alayah- welcome to my enemy list. I can't tell if she is as fake as this episode made her out to be or if she just got a bad edit but either way, I'm not a fan. I just had to get that off my let's start from the beginning.

As we saw last week, the Champagne Gate was somethin' else. Kelsey definitely showed her crazy a little too early but it still wasn't enough to send her home. While I was a huge fan of her tearing Hannah Ann into a million pieces, Hannah Ann was not. She had mistaken hearing the truth for being bullied and decided to tattle on Kelsey for it then throw herself a fake pity party. Since last week ended with Kelsey and Hannah Ann crying, it's only right this weeks starts the same. Unlike Hannah Ann, Kelsey actually has a reason to be crying. She's upset that her speaking the truth now has Peter thinking she's a bully. Within the first 1 minute and 44 seconds, I was annoyed. I'm annoyed because once again Hannah Ann is playing the victim. I'm also incredibly annoyed that she has to go by Hannah Ann and that I have to type out two names for her. And her tears? Fake. I don't buy it. She's literally crying because she was called a champagne stealer. If the shoe fits Hannah Ann, wear it girl.

Luckily within another minute, I wasn't annoyed anymore since my girl Victoria P was getting her one on one date with Peter. I'm a big fan of Victoria P. She seems like one of the most genuine girls there and is just a natural beauty. They cruise around Peter's hometown and hit up the Country General Store for some appropriate apparel for their date. They then head off to a local hot spot for Peter and get to line dancing. I never would've pegged Pilot Pete as a line dancer but hey, whatever floats your boat. They share some drinks, some feelings, and of course some make-outs. Pilot Pete loves some make-outs.

Back at the house, Hannah Ann and Kelsey are still crying over a bottle of champagne. Kelsey approaches Hannah Ann to talk about what happened. I almost believed they were grown adults until Hannah Ann used the word "finaso" in a sentence with such confidence. Hate to break it to ya Hannah Ann, but it's fiasco and everyone knows it.

We then see Peter and Victoria P share a romantic candlelit dinner surrounded by a bunch of planes. Way to stay on brand, Bachelor. Victoria P opens up to Peter about her past and why she's grown into being such a nurturing person. We got her story in the first episode but this is the first Peter is hearing of it. It sounds like she had a rough childhood, losing her dad at a young age and having her mom suffer from addiction. Victoria essentially spent her childhood being the adult in the house and taking care of her younger sister. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear here. I think anyone with a heart would. Peter seems to really like when the girls open up to him and I can see their bond growing stronger and I love it. Big Victoria P fan here.

When we go back to the house, we start to see the multiple personalities that Alayah apparently has. I don't know about anyone else, but this took me by surprise. I feel like Alayah has kind of flown under the radar so far and now we're starting to see a completely different side of her. She's the girl that showed up on night 1 with a letter from her "grandma" and I put that in quotes because I now have a theory. Alayah's grandmother does not exist. That note was written by Alayah herself to work in her advantage. She researched Peter and found out his grandma is named Rose. She then decides to call her "grandma" Rose. Could I be wrong? Sure. Could I be right? Absolutely. Alayah is a pageant girl through and through and she even admits it herself. I'm glad Sydney is in the house to see her for what she really is: fake.

We get a surprise appearance from Demi Burnett the next morning who wakes the girls up in the most aggressive way- beating them with pillows. She brings some outfits for the girls who are going on the group date. Almost every girl gets a cute lingerie set, or as Kiarra called it linger-ay. I just gotta pause for a moment to let you know how bothered I was by her pronouncing lingerie as linger-ay.....moving on. Savannah for whatever reason, gets a muumuu and is not happy. I think I'd personally peg myself as more of a muumuu kinda gal than a lingerie kind gal but hey, that's just me. Demi has planned this date and no one, not even Peter, know what's in store. They pull up to a saloon and walk into a giant pillow fight. My first immediate thought was "this is Tammy's time to shine." Tammy was on her high school wrestling team and I know she is the one person I would not want to be in a pillow fight with. The girls get in the ring two at a time and just go to town. Not only whacking each other with pillows, but also full blown tackling each other to the ground. The championship round is coincidentally enough Sydney against Alayah, and Alayah takes the crown. I hope she enjoys this win while it lasts, because she will soon be losing a lot more than a pillow fight. The ladies regroup later on for a cocktail party and this is when the fun begins.

I don't know if I'm just now realizing how fake Alayah is because it seems to be the theme of this episode, or because she's just so fake that it's hard to ignore. Her voice is like nails on a chalk board and I can't even stand to listen to her talk anymore. Her "opening up" to Peter also just seems so fake. We've seen several of the girls open up to and it's usually them being super vulnerable and emotional. Alayah's idea of showing Peter her "vulnerable" side is saying she's been through a lot, and abandoned by friends and relationships all with that fake smile on her face. I don't buy it, not even for a second but for whatever reason, Peter is drawn to her.

When Alayah goes back to to the girls to brag about how great her time was with Peter, you can see that Sydney can't hold it in anymore. She blurts out "do you like, work at all?" in the most passive aggressive way possible. She starts asking Alayah about pageants and tells her that she always sounds so rehearsed. SPOT. ON. SYDNEY. I love that she's not afraid to hold back and call Alayah out on how fake she is.

When Sydney sits down with Peter, she is sure to let him know how she's feeling. She expresses that she thinks some of the girls aren't being genuine without name dropping, but we all know exactly who she's referring to. She definitely gets into Peter's head and now he seems to be questioning everyone's intentions. He goes back to the girls and just completely throws Sydney under the bus. He calls her out in front of everyone and mentions how she told him that some girls are putting on a show in front of the cameras. He basically gives her no choice but to call Alayah out and it's all downhill from here. I feel like the rest of the episode is basically just everyone telling Peter how they really feel about Alayah, and Alayah talking about how "real" and "authentic" she is. I like how anytime there's confrontation, the camera pans to Kelly who is just taking it all in and trying not to laugh. If I'm being completely honest, Kelly seems way too normal to be on this show. The group date rose goes to Sydney because Peter appreciates her honesty, and that's just the slap in the face to Alayah that I wanted to see.

The next morning, Chris Harrison stops in to let the girls know that Peter will be over soon for a pool party before heading right into the rose ceremony. Peter shows up obviously in distress over the night before. The pool party is really the only time the girls get a chance to spend time with Peter, and they all spend it talking about how fake Alayah is. It's funny because you see Alayah talking to MyKenna and Hannah Ann about how real she is and how no one else thinks she's fake, and then you literally see everyone else talking to Peter one on one about how fake she is. Peter is clearly conflicted on how to feel and after talking to Alayah one on one, you can tell he's starting to fall back under her spell. Then he sits down with Victoria P and everything changes. Like I said earlier, Victoria P is the kind of person that you can tell is just real and genuine. When Peter asks her what she thinks about the situation, she confesses that she actually knew Alayah before coming on the show and that Alayah asked her to lie to producers and say that she didn't know her. Now that is a red flag if I ever did see one myself. You can tell Peter is right back to being confused on how to feel about this girl. He confronts Alayah about what Victoria P just told him and I think the look on Alayah's face says it all. She has no idea how to lie her way out of this one. She claims she didn't want producers to know that her and Victoria P knew each other because she didn't want it to jeopardize their chances to be on the show. She always claims her and Victoria knew each other "very well" outside of the show when Victoria had just told Peter than she's spent maybe 3 hours collectively with the girl. If ya ask me, I would believe Victoria P over Alayah any day, any time, any where, on any situation. Things aren't lookin' too good for Alayah now....and I secretly but not so secretly love it.

Chris Harrison makes another appearance at the mansion which usually isn't a good sign. He tells everyone that Peter was emotional and confused and decided to leave and will not return until the rose ceremony. Next thing you know MyKenna is crying because she didn't get time with Peter, which comes as no surprise. I still don't know how I feel about MyKenna. Part of me wants to like her but I just can't bring myself to it. She just reminds me of a lost puppy dog who just needs constant love and attention.

The rose ceremony begins and it's just as dramatic as you'd expect it to be. Peter calls Kelsey first which was a wild choice. It's like he completely forgot about what happened last week. As he calls the names one by one MyKenna is just shakin' in her boots I mean, the poor girl couldn't even hide it on her face. Peter has just 2 roses but 5 girls left. He gets emotional and just walks away to go consult with his buddy Chris Harrison. He's pretty much scared that he's gonna regret giving Alayah a rose but that he also is scared he's gonna regret not giving Alayah a rose. At this point I'm thinking alright....he's totally gonna give her a rose. She's now the villain in the house and the show needs a good villain. I can't take Hannah Ann seriously as the villain anymore since the girl can't even talk....finaso pshhh. He walks back out there and to our surprise, Chris Harrison trails behind him and just removes a rose. I am genuinely surprised MyKenna's head didn't explode in this moment. Luckily her name got called next or it probably would have. Going home is Sarah, Alexa, Jasmine and the villain herself, Alayah. It seems like it might be too good to be true.... Peter gives a quick toast and bolts outta there. He approaches a producer and says he's not sure if he wants to let Alayah leave right now. She asks why he sent her home in the first place and he says he thinks he just let everyone get to him and that he already thinks he regrets it.

The preview for next week looks wild. He surprises Victoria F with a Chase Rice concert just to find out that's her ex boyfriend. It also looks like Alayah might not be gone for good so here's to spending the next week hoping that she is.