I want to talk to all the bad parents and some of you on the show. How dare you say that you're ready for your kids to get back to school? Why did you have children in the first place? I have 3 beautiful angels 8, 7 and 4. I've had them all summer and I'm gonna cry when they have to go back to school. It's been my pleasure to entertain them all summer. This is what a REAL mother does. We had so much fun and bonding time.  To hear you and all the listeners talk about being excited to have them back in school is a shame. Child protective services should be contacted and each of your homes investigated. How do you think your kids feel when they hear you say this? That's what wrong with our kids. Their parents are telling the world that they can't wait for them to get away from you. That's horrible.  If you don't know this already, you are a horrible parent. I said it and I mean it. I'm up when my kids wake up and there when they go to bed. This is my job. (she's a stay at home mom) If you can't afford to do it this way, maybe you should think before you have children.  Your kids need your time and attention. 

I love having my kids and being with everyday. I don't need a break or time to get away. That's a cop out that lazy parents say. Moms and Dads it time to get your act together and make sure you spend all the time you can with your kids. Stop saying you can't wait for school to start. Teachers aren't here to raise your kid, they're here educate them. It's your job bad parents to raise them