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Cross Off The Alphabet!

Bad Parenting? And Does It Even Matter?

Was what I did on Saturday Night really "Classless" and band parenting? And I think we may not be getting kids ready for life no matter how well we parent them?!

Common Courtesy!

Does someone owe you money? Do you owe them money? We play smarter than your hood with the listeners and it ends in a tie! Downtown has a new law in place that is going to change the service industry nightlife! We have SideTakers with Logan and Cody... YOU decide if he gives his friend an additional $100. We end the show talking about if people have common courtesy still.

Nurys is Here!

We kick off the show with the newest member of Johnny's House! What is one thing you would tell Nurys about us? We try and get the week started for you with your favorite Hype Songs. What good advice or recommendations did you get from people on social media? We ask everyone to share what's good in their lives. Brian thinks he was a bad parent this weekend... When was the last time you challenged yourself?

LIVE from Liam Fitzpatricks!

HAPPY St. Patricks Day! We are live from Liam Fitzpatricks. Do you have. lucky charm? It was 3 Years ago today when the Pandemic started! We get an update from Soozie the Foodie on the places to check out locally. We have a really funny talent hour with leprechaun jokes and limericks. We end the show playing the list!

Family Recipe is a LIE!

In a new poll, 46% of people say they have at least one secret family recipe . . . although 25% of people admit that it's "likely" that it originated in a cookbook or magazine... Have you ever lied about a family recipe? We have some fun and play the throwback game with the listeners. We let you vent and tell us why you're mad. We try to get some street cred with the listeners and they tell us the latest slang terms/words. What makes someone undateable? Are you involved in March Madness?

Do You Like To Role Play?

Today is Everything you think is wrong day... They say you should avoid making decisions all together today! 35% of teens want a drivers license - that's it! We end the show with the adults talking about role playing!

Dine and Dash!

How often do you talk to your family. They say that you should talk to a family member on the phone for at least 12 minutes. We play smarter than your hood and test their elementary knowledge. This sidetakers with Anna and Mary has to do with them bringing their drunk friend with them to the St. Patty's Day party. Restaurants are having issues with spring breakers dinning and dashing! Are you a server dealing with this?

Shake It REMIX!

We kick off the show with another $100 Amazon gift card winner! We had to spring forward over the weekend... how has losing an hour affected you today? We play your favorite HYPE songs to get you pumped for the week. Your talk back messages on the iHeartRadio app are the best.. we play some of them back! We want to hear from people who are dealing with Spring Breakers. How long did it take for you to put something together?

Where Did You Meet Your Friends?

We crossed paths with some of out best friends in a pool in Daytona... After an Usher concert... 13 years ago...