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Johnny's House

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Underrated Gifts!

Elf on The Shelf is BACK!

Do you send Christmas Cards out every year? We play the Throwback Game with the listeners to test their knowledge. What are those weird food combos that you like to eat? We announce that our CRUISE is coming back! We want to vacay with our listeners next year. Elf on the Shelf is BACK! What is your elf getting into this season. We end the show talking about if you spend more time at home because of inflation.

Your Freak Level!

When did you overreact about a situation? We try to give our best advice with 30 seconds of therapy. What is your kid doing that you want to brag about? Is there something that you just don't understand? We talk to the retail workers about the holiday shopping and how they are being treated! For Adult conversation... we ask you what your freak level is, and it gets pretty interesting.

Johnny's Birthday!

It's Johnnys Birthday and we have a little fun with him early in the morning. What are those Holiday smells that you love around this time of year? We play smarter than your hood and a 10-year-old won! What's on your nightstand at home? We have SideTakers where you decide whether or not they get a real tree. A lot of people are cutting down their list on who they buy gifts for.

Cyber Monday!

What did you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? Rae didn't get ANY! We get you pumped for the day with your favorite hype songs. We play some of your talkback messages from over the weekend and then you all let us know what's good in your life! Are you having problems renting somewhere? Has your rent gone up? It is Cyber Monday! How much shopping are you doing online? We kick off our smoothie competition for the Baby Dj program and we always get so competitive!

MORE Taylor Swift Tickets!

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? Let us know how crazy the travel day is for you. Johnny has always had a "Dry" Thanksgiving... is your family the same? We play Taylor Swift songs in reverse for the listeners to try and guess the song for tickets. If you're hosting Thanksgiving ... how do you let your guests know that it is time to leave? Can you name the Taylor Swift tune within a couple of seconds? We end the show with Taylor Trivia!

Singing For Taylor Swift!

What kind of gift policy do you have after dating about 7 months... do you get something nice? Should you not gift something if it's been shorter than 7 months? We use the talk back feature and do Taylor Swift Karaoke for TICKETS! Were you planning on dropping a bomb this Thanksgiving at the dinner table?

Original Break Up Songs!

It's FRIDAY! It's eating season... did you give up eating healthy? We get an update from Soozie the foodie on the local spots to check out. What are the Thanksgiving dishes you DON'T like? For the Talent Hour we give our best acceptance speeches and then we write our own Break up songs! Then the listeners sing their own breakup songs for Taylor Swift tickets. We end the show playing the list!

Taylor Swift Singing B

We have A LOT going on today! We play the throwback game with the listeners and test their old school knowledge. We let you vent to us with why are you mad?! We everything going on with the Taylor Swift tickets... we have a Taylor Swift singing B for some of the listeners to try and win tickets.

Movies In Someone Else's House

It is National Fast Food Day! We have officially kicked off the Baby Dj program this morning and we are now accepting families who are in need for the holiday season. We try to give you our best advice with 30 seconds of therapy. What is something you just don't understand? Have you ever caught someone trying to steal something from you!? For adult conversations we ask the listeners if they have ever gone to the "movies" in someone else's house!