Hands pulling on rope during game of tug-of-war

Bradley and Teresa have been married for about 2 years. Bradley is manager of a fast food restaurant and works about 60 plus hours a week. It's hard work but he loves the job.  This is causing stress on their marriage because they rarely see each other. They were talking about having kids but it's not possible with the schedule Bradley has right now. 


Teresa is a daddy's girl and told her father about the stress she was having in her marriage. Her father called Bradley to his office and offered him a job with his company. It's a management position that pays about three times what he's making now. The problem is Bradley knows nothing about what he will be managing and Teresa's father is a control freak. Bradley would be managing men that have way more experience and better qualified for the job. Teresa thinks it's a great idea. He will be on a 8:30 to 5 schedule, five days a week and no weekends. She is an only child and her parent are looking forward to grandchildren. Teresa is looking at the long term picture and one day maybe her father will give the company to Bradley to run. In her eyes this is a win, win situation. She never asked her father to give Bradley a job. Her thoughts are that he must believe Bradley could do the job, if not, he wouldn't have offered it to him. Bradley has been working at his current job for a couple months and already manages his on restaurant . He thinks one day he could move to the front office and have a normal life doing what he loves to do. Bradley would be moving from a job that he loves to a job to one thathe don't even know if he likes. Once he take the job from Teresa's father, there is no turning back. He's there for the long run.


Side with Bradley and he stay at his current job that is putting stress on his marriage but a job he loves

Side with Teresa and he will quit that job and work for her father and maybe he'll like the job or maybe not.