Below is some of the email we received:

"I think that people that raise their prices during a disaster are getting a bad name. I plan on taking full advantage of Hurricane Irma. I've already bought 20 pallets of water, cases of batteries, flashlights and candles. My plan is to sell it over the suggested retail price. A case of water cost me $6 dollars and I plan on selling it for $20. I will make a fortune over this storm. I'm not price gouging. What I'm doing is providing a service for people that can afford it. If you can't afford $20 dollars for a case of water than don't buy from me. You knew this storm was coming and you did nothing about it. I'm taking advantage of your laziness and procrastination.   I won't be selling my goods until I know that the media has turned this storm into a frenzy and I feel it happening right now.  I won't be set up on the poor side of town, I wouldn't do that. I set up in an area where money isn't a problem. Supply and demand is the American way. I'm just being a true American.  Making money selling goods to people that want or need them. This is the way you do business.

Bottom line, if you prepare for Irma you won't need me. If you don't plan ahead, you will see me set up in a very popular place selling goods to people that can afford them and need them. To me, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this."