Are You Serious

I heard you guys talking about Johnny getting a new smart speaker. Why in the world would you do this? You should know that they are listening to you. We're all sheep and just fall for the latest trends not thinking of the consequences. Did you learn anything from the Facebook situation? They almost let the cat out of the bag. They sold your information. They know where you eat, what you buy, who you hangout with and where you work. They know everything.  With the smart speakers the can know hear everything.  These smart speakers are always listening. You basically gave permission to people you don't even know, to listen to you anytime they want. Was it so hard to turn on your on lights or music that you had to buy a device to do  it for you.

The future in now and ya'll don't even see it. You all sheep following wherever they want you to go. Whenever you get an App and you click yes on the agreement, you are letting whoever in. No one ever reads the small print. You want to get on that new App so quickly that you click yes without knowing what you allowed them to do. You would be shocked if you knew exactly what you were agreeing to. On any night, the government can see what your doing through your webcam. They can also hear what you're doing through the smart speakers.  Not for me, never ever. 

Good luck for you fools that let the government into your home. You officially have no privacy. I can see the future and it doesn't look good.


Johnny's House

Johnny's House

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