Mary  has been dating a guy for over a year.  He's older that Mary and the  CEO of a company. They have the best relationship because they get each  other. Mary is moving up the corporate ladder and has been working hard to make VP of the company she works for.



 Mary  and her boyfriend have been taking about the future. They both have  been in bad relationship and love each other dearly.  This is the best  relationship either one has ever had. She thinks that he about to propose. 

 Mary  got a call from her Corp Office. They want to make her the VP of the  entire West Coast. This is the promotion she has been working on her  entire career. The problem is that she would need to move to Los Angeles. She mentioned it to her boyfriend and he said  that was great but once they got married, she wouldn't have to ever work  again. He's a millionaire and she would have access to everything, big  houses, corp plane, and everything that goes with it. He mentioned the he would sign a prenup that would guarantee  she is set for life if anything happen in their marriage.  

 Mary  isn't sure she want to give up what she has worked her whole career to  get. She will finally be a VP. Mary's friend Sandra has advised her to  forget about work and go live the best life ever. Why take a position where she is working 10 hour days? The  positive thing is that she really loves the guy. It's not that's she'll  be doing it just for money.

 Mary has worked 20 years for this moment. She's confused right now.



 If you side with Mary, she'll keep her job and move away putting her relationship at risk.

 If you side with Sandra, she'll resign and marry her boyfriend. 

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