How I lost 189lbs! - Selena

Feliz Good Day Guys!

Im Selena Medea, the newest member to Johnny’s House. 

And this is part 1 of how in less than I year, I lost 189lbs. 

Beginning 2013 I lived in Lawrence, MA and weight about 297lbs. I thought back then, that I carried my weight on pretty well.

So honestly living a healthy life was not a priority to me, I really didn’t pay much mind to it.

I decided to take more care of myself not because someone told me so, but because my body let it be known. 

Emotionally I was a wreck.

 I felt insecure about myself, my self-esteem was on the ground, and I felt like the ugly duckling all the time.

And honestly, it didn’t help that mostly everyone around me kept on reminding me how “Big” or “fat” I was getting. (Like I couldn’t see that for myself) lol 

I mean, I got eyes too you know. 

Physically, I was in pain. 

I couldn’t walk too much, when I tried to run my ankles would burn.

I couldn’t breathe too well. I was always tired, hungry and at times moody. 

In reality, being so unhealthy sucked! 

When I would lay on my back at night, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  (And that were reality struck me)

There are a lot of un-fun feelings in this world. But feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, is on the top of mines.

End of Jan 2013, I knew I had to make a change. 

I started to do my research and looking into different kinds of diets. 

And to keepit 100% with you, I got a little overwhelmed.  (A little, a lot!)

So many different diets, and so many different results. I had no idea where to start, 

As I kept on researching, I consulted with my PCP at the time.

Based on my weight and lifestyle, I wanted to see which healthier choices she recommended. 

We spoke about several options. 

Everything from the gastric bypass surgery, down to meeting with a nutritionist. We ran through every possible option. 

 Based on my medical history, she highly recommended a “high fiber diet”. (Sounds horrible, I know)  

But Before even considering the possibility, I had to do my own research. 

I didn’t what to start another pointless diet, and not be able to fall through because it’s too tough for me. 

I didn’t want a diet on which I would starve on, or be feel anxious because of the lack of food. 

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get too 297lbs by not loving food!

 So when I’m hungry, I get pretty cranky. lol

I did read up on this no meat diet called “The Vegan Diet” and LOVED IT!

Honestly, I’m also grateful to NOT be a picky eater. Lol. 

But honestly, Vegan recipes are DELICIOUS.

IF, you loves veggies and have the patience to cook tofu properly. 

 BUT, if you don’t like to cook, it might be a bit of a pain in the behind.

The recipes are very easy and quick to make, but require lots of patience and money!

Yep, MONEY. Lol 

Living healthy ain’t cheap honey!

I did save a bunch of money, not eating out. But I spent almost as much, (If not more) buying organic meatless products. 

But let’s be honest, losing 189lbs in a year was a long journey. 

So,make sure not to miss Part 2 of “A Journey to a Healthier Me” coming next week!

If you have struggled with losing weight your whole life, trust me, I get it! 

I been there, done that! 

So truly hope you continue to follow my weight loss journey, & join me in living a healthier you. 

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