Speeches You NEED To Hear!

These are the speeches we feel like you need to hear RIGHT NOW! Feel free to share with us a moving speech that you've heard recently!

CNN's Chris Cuomo says America in the wake of the death of George Floyd is 'a tale of two cities,' and called for 'majority and minority to unite together' in order for the country to be at its best. Source: CNN

Check out his speech Here!

Michael Render (Killer Mike) speaking after TI at the Mayor's press conference, following the burning & vandalism after peaceful protest march for #georgefloyd, 20200529.

Trevor shares his thoughts on the killing of George Floyd, the protests in Minneapolis, the dominos of racial injustice and police brutality, and how the contract between society and black Americans has been broken time and time again. #DailyShow#TrevorNoah#GeorgeFloyd

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