I'm here to tell you to take more pictures! I know it sounds crazy because all we do is live on social media and post about our lives... BUT SERIOUSLY - Take those family pictures.

For Christmas the wife and I decided to hire our family photographer to take pictures of our WHOLE family because we didn't really have any good pictures of all of us together.

It was a mess at first! I mean think about it... Three toddlers and eight adults in one photoshoot... It was a lot! It was also SO WORTH IT. I wish that we would have thought about this before I lost my grandpa. He would've loved to see those pictures and I would've loved to have pictures of him with the whole family.

In the future I didn't want to say that about another family member. Like- I wish ____ was in the pictures... or I wish I had pictures to go back and look at...that's why we got them done!

I feel like pictures always bring comfort and joy when you need it the most. Especially when trying to heal from something.

Our photographer captured us so perfectly. Every shot was just so authentic and it just shows the love and connection that we have for each other. I'm also so excited for my kids and my nephew to look back at these pictures and see how loved they are! They will connect them to the past. AND they will see how damn cute they were together.

Let me just leave you with this thought... You never know when you'll have the last chance for a family photo. Avoid setting yourself up for an "I wish" situation in the future.

Thank you to our beautiful photographer Love Is Me Photography!

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