SideTakers with Kathy and Henry!

Kathy's ex-husband want to spend Thanksgiving with his kids. He would need Kathy to drive to Miami and pick him up, Wednesday night. He would also stay at Kathy's house in one of the kid's bedroom and she would need to drive him back on Saturday or Sunday. The kids would really like to see their dad.

Henry thinks it's a ploy to get Kathy back. He understands that kid's father is going through a hard time. Henry has offered to buy the father an airline ticket to fly to Orlando but the Dad refuse to except it. He doesn't want to own her current boyfriend anything. Kathy's ex feels that he could spend more time with the kids by driving together to and from Miami. Henry trust Kathy but he thinks her ex is manipulating her like he did when they were married. The ex is a manipulating, selfish person that only looks out for himself. He's using the kids to try to get back with Kathy. 

Kathy feels like she would be depriving the kids from seeing their father if she doesn't go. When the father had a girlfriend, they rarely saw him but now that he's single, he wants to spend more time with his children. 

Henry feels that if a father really wants to see his kids, nothing will stop him from doing so. He also has no problem with the ex-staying at the house for Thanksgiving

If you side with Kathy, she will load the kids up and drive to Miami to pick up the kid's father.

Side with Henry the Dad will find a way to get to Orlando or take his offer for an airline ticket

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