Sidetakers: August vs. Nico

Nico and August have been dating since High School. They are about to graduate from College and got engaged over the Christmas break.

August's family owns a trucking company, and the plan was for her to start working for the company once she graduated.

August is an "A" student and she's being heavily recruited by some major Corporations. One company is offering her two and a half times more than her family is offering and would pay for college if she wanted to continue her education.

Nico told her she should take the corporate job. They're setting her up to make more money than she would ever make at her family's little trucking company. Nico feels that they're engaged now, and they need to make decisions based on their future together.

August is an only child and her whole life, the family has told her the company is hers once they retire. Her parents aren't retiring for years. They paid her college education with the intention of her starting with the family business once she graduated. They'd be really hurt if she didn't start with the company once she graduated. This was plan "A". There is no plan "B".

Nico is looking at the big picture and the big picture would be for August to take the Corp and job and let them pay for her continued education.


If you side with August, she will dump the Corp. job and work in the family business

If you side with Nico, August won't take over the family business and take the Corp. job.

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