SideTakers With Alexander and Harper!

Harper has a sister that recently got married and moved back to Orlando from Chicago. She met and married a man that has a 12-year-old son and she's like a mother to the little boy.  

The little boy calls Alexander and Harper, Uncle and Aunt. Harper's sister has been bringing him over to play with Harper's son ever weekend. Over the past couple of weekend, Alexander realized that some of their son's toys have been missing. This has never happened before Harper's sister's stepson has been coming over. 

Last weekend, Alexander put one their son's toy in his office. After the kid left to go home, they noticed the toy was gone. It wasn't their own son because he never goes into his Dad's home office. 

Alexander wants to ban the kid from coming to their house because the kid stole the action figure. He thinks the kid must have stolen the other toys that are missing.

Harper feels like it just toys and she's mad that Alexander set a trap in their home to catch a child. For her to bring up the stolen toy and banning the child would ruin her relationship with her sister. Harper's sister is madly in love with this man and claiming that his son is a thief would affect their personal relationship


Side with Alexander and the kid is banned from their house 

Side with Harper and they won't say anything and just put away their kid's toys when they know little boy is coming over.

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