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SIDETAKERS With Jacob & Hannah!

Jacob and Hannah's daughter is a good kid and planning on going to college in the Fall. She has one problem, she's attracted to "bad boys". The last guy she dated, Jacob had to have a "talk" with him to stay away from their daughter. This happened in Dec. Both Jacob and Hannah were under the impression that their daughter haven't talked to the boy again. Because of this, they allowed their daughter to go on the trip.

Jacob found out on the "bad boy's" social media, that he will be in Miami the same time as his daughter. Also, through social media, they found out that their daughter is still talking to the boy. 

Jacob wants to cancel the trip because he feels that they have been lied to. He wants to confront her and let her know what they found out. 

Hannah doesn't want to cancel the trip but wants to have a serious conversation with her. Let their daughter know, that they found out and how disappointed they are. Then have the conversation about making right decisions. Hannah knows that their daughter is going to college in Tampa next year and she will be making decisions without them. To cancel her trip now could lead to her hiding more things in college.

Jacob wants to let their daughter know that a lie of omission is still a lie and you need to suffer the consequences when you lie.

Who do you side with on Side Takers?

Side with Jacob and their daughter won't go on the Senior trip.

Side with Hannah and she will go on the trip. 

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