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SideTakers with Austin and Nicole!

This is SideTakers! YOU decide the outcome of a situation. Don't try to solve it or give them a backup plan... you have to pick a side! Who do you side with Nicole OR Austin!?

Nicole has a friend that knows someone who that works for the Fairfax County Circuit Court system in Virginia. She has arranged for her and one friend to be one of the first ones in line to get into the courtroom on Thursday of this week. They would drive up Weds and come back on Friday. Nicole would be able to get off work but she would have to use vacation time. 

Austin doesn't think this is a good idea because they've been saving to go on vacation in July. They're planning to go to Tulum in Mexico. If they don't go on the trip, they would lose the $500.00 they put down on deposit plus she wouldn't have the time from work to go on vacation this year. Austin thinks it's crazy to do this.

Nicole is looking at this as an experience of a lifetime. They could take a trip next year but to go and sit in the Heard v Depp trial is something that could never happen again. To actually sit in the courtroom would be something she'll ever forget.

Austin can't believe that his wife would sacrifice a vacation they've planned already to stand in line and still not be guaranteed to get in. Then lose the deposit. It makes no sense to him.


Side with Nicole and She will use vacation time and go to the Heard v Depp trial

Side with Austin and she won't go.

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