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SideTakers with Anna and Steven!

It's time to pick a side! Don't try to solve the situation... do you side with Anna OR Steven?

Here's the situation...

Anna's Dad came to Steven about 3 months ago and asked to borrow $1500.00 He didn't want Anna or her mother to know about it. Her Father got behind on some bills but was expecting to get a bonus and would have the money to pay Steven back once he got it.  

During the time, the family had a celebration on how well Steven's business is doing. They are breaking all projections on profit. 

Anna's Father got his bonus a couple weeks ago and is planning on using the money to buy her mom a car because her car died. Steven told his wife about the loan when her dad asked because he didn't want to keep this from her.

Steven is upset because Anna's Father hasn't mentioned the loan. He is acting as though it never happened. Steven feels that because his business is doing so well, that Anna's Dad is looking at the money like it's a gift. 

Steven wants to talk to Anna's Father about the loan and find out when he's going to pay it back. Anna wants her husband to forget the loan because it would embarrass her Father and cause a riff in the family. He is using that money to buy her mom a new car because they are down to one. She told Steven that they spent that much money celebrating his friend's birthday last weekend and just let it go. 


Side with Steven and he's ask Anna's Dad about the money...

Side with Anna and they'll forget about it.

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