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#SideTakers With Jose and Jasmine!

Here we go again... time for #Sidetakers where you pick a side! You don't decide on a outcome... you have to decide WHO you side with! Here's what's going on..


For the last two years, they have been getting together on July 3 and having a cookout and fireworks. Last year they decided to make it a family tradition and do it every year.

Jose loves fireworks and always thought his brother in law's firework were terrible. The only reason they went was because everything else shut down. This year Red Hot and Boom is back on. (Red Hot and Boom is a big firework and concert put on by this radio station XL 1067. It's in Altamonte Spring and they expect about 150,000 people this year. It is the premier firework show in Central Florida.) Jose and Jasmine loved going in the past.

Jasmine reminded Jose when he was drunk last year that he was agreed to make it a family tradition. Jasmine sister is excited, and they have ordered more food, drinks, and fireworks. 

Jose thinks that Jasmine should tell them that they aren't going because it's her family. She knew weeks ago that he didn't want to go, and she forgot to tell them before they bought all the food and fireworks.

Jose has told their mutual friends they are going to Red Hot and Boom and they are preparing for them to join them there. 



 Side with Jose and they won't go to his In Laws

Side with Jasmine and they will miss Red Hot and Boom and go to her sister's house 

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