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SideTakers with Lucas and Harper

It's time to pick a side! With SideTakers you pick a side instead of try to solve it....

WHO DO YOU SIDE WITH? Check out the situation here --->

A couple months ago, Harper decided to change jobs. She found a job that paid her more money.

Since working there, Harper has met a new friend and in a short time they've become workplace best friends.

Lately they've been going to Happy Hour after work. Harper's new friend is single and loves the fact that she has a new friend to hang out with.

Lucas isn't happy that Harper is now going out a couple nights a week with this coworker. He's not jealous but feels that it's messing with the dynamics of their marriage. They were each other's best friend and now she's out drinking with this person.

Lucas has friends of his own but feels it isn't right to go out without his wife. He only watches sports without here.(she doesn't like sports as much as Lucas) He thought she felt the same way. That's just the way it's always been. She has never complained about this and can't understand what has happened.

Harper doesn't see anything wrong with this. Why can't she have a new friend and hangout with her. She feels that Lucas is being unreasonable. She never complained when Harper would watch sports with his friends. It makes her happy to see him happy 


Side with Lucas and Harper will stop hanging out as much with her new friend.

Side with Harper and she'll still hang out with her new friend as much as she wants to.

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