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SideTakers with Julia and Hunter

Time to pick a side! You can't solve the situation... you need to pick a side. Do you side with Julia OR Hunter? Check out the situation below...

After being in school for only 3 days, a Jr. (17) girl asked their son to go on a date Saturday night. She has her own car, job and said that she would pay for the date. Their son, without checking, said that he would go. 

This is his first date ever. Last year he was in middle school and now going on a date with a young woman in her car. Hunter doesn't see a problem with this. He thinks it's great. 

Julia has a problem because he said yes without talking to them and he will be going on a date with someone that is going to pick him up. They never met the girl and have no idea who the young lady is. She thinks it's too much too soon. He just started high school and he should be focused on learning more about his new school and getting familiar with his classwork and teachers. Plus, she thinks he's too young to be going out with a girl that has a car. She would have more freedoms than he does. 

Hunter thinks that this is all part of the high school experience. He feels that they shouldn't mess with the natural flow of that. Hunter understands that they have a very handsome son and isn't surprised the girls are after him.

Who do you side with on Side Takers?

Side with Julia and their son won't go on the date Saturday night.

Side with Hunter and the kid will go 

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