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SideTakers With Todd and Marilyn

It's time for SideTakers! You have to pick a side... Don't look for a solution... Pick a side. Here is the situation...

They talked about it before they found out that Marilyn was pregnant, that one of them would stay home and watch the baby. They decided to let the listeners decide who would stay home.

They both make about the same money. Only Marilyn likes her job and Todd hates his. Todd is very good at what he do and has been getting annual promotions and raises.

Marilyn likes what she does but hasn't had a raise in two years but has been promoted. She sees advancements coming in a couple of years if she hangs in there. 

Todd feels that he could be a good stay at home father because he would love being a dad and hates the job he has now. He has no experience at home because Marilyn does basically everything in the home and works her job.

Marilyn thinks that she should stay at home because she does everything in the house anyway and it would come naturally. She thinks Todd should just suck it up and learn to like the job he's doing because now he's now a father.

Either way, they have a solid marriage and wants the listeners to decide.


Side with Marilyn and she'll quit her job and stay home with the baby.

Side with Todd and he'll quit his job and stay home with the baby. 

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