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SideTakers With Charles and Mary!

It's Time For SideTakers! You have to pick a side... don't try to find a solution! Do you side with Charles OR Mary!? Here's the situation --->

Mary and Charles have another couple that they are good friends with and they do a lot together. Over the summer, their friend's daughter started dating Mary and Charles' son. Charles thought it was a horrible idea and wanted to stop it before it started. Mary felt it was great because she loves her friend's daughter. A very beautiful girl, an A student and extremely popular.

Recently Mary found out that their son has been talking to other girls. He doesn't know that she knows. He left his laptop open and she saw the DMs. She's upset because he's going to break their friend's daughter's heart. She wants to say something to him and them.

Charles wants to stay out of it. He feels that his son is only 16 and he shouldn't be getting into a serious relationship anyway. He wants to let the relationship play out. If their son found out that his mother has been reading his emails, that's going to start another problem.

Mary also doesn't want this to interfere with the friendship that she has with the girl's parents. She wants to at least have a talk with the mother. Charles feels that they should stay completely out of it. They have no idea if the young lady is talking to other boys.

Who do you side with on Side Takers?

If you side with Charles, they'll stay out of it.

If you side with Mary, She'll have a talk with the son and her friend.

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