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SideTakers with Jonathan and Ashley!

It's time for SideTakers! This is where you hear the situation, and you pick a person to side with! You can't try to solve the situation. Do you side with Jonathan or Ashley?


Ashley is from Virginia, and they have always had a live Christmas tree. She loves the smell of the tree and it just seems like Christmas with it.

Jonathan likes a fake tree. He has a dog, and the dog always drinks the water from the bottom of a live tree and he always pees under it. He feels that it would be better for the whole household. Plus he has a fake tree and wouldn't have to spend money on a new one.

Ashley's mother is coming to stay with them for a couple of days during Christmas and it would be great to have a live tree for her. Ashley is an only child and it's just her and her mother. She wants her mother to enjoy the holiday with a live tree. Ashley's mother is a live tree snob. She has heard her talk badly about people with fake trees. Also, her mother would know it wasn't Ashley's idea to have a fake tree and Ashley really wants her mother to like Jonathan. She's not really happy with the fact that Ashley and Jonathan are living together just being boyfriend and girlfriend. He would prefer they were engaged. 

Jonathan just doesn't want to be chasing the dog around when it's around the tree and their carpet smelling like urine because the dog went to the bathroom under the tree.


If you side with Ashley, they will have a live tree for Christmas.

If you side with Jonathan, they will have a fake tree.

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