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SideTakers With Jose and Amanda

It's time for SideTakers! This is where you hear the situation and you pick a side... don't find a solution.. PICK A SIDE! This is between Jose and Amanda. Who do you side with?


Jose has been dating a girl 9 years younger than him and she has made a lot of money from social media. She can usually be seen in bikinis and very sexy clothing. They've been seeing each other for about a month and a half and now Jose wants to introduce his daughter to her.

Amanda doesn't want Jose to introduce his daughter right now because he feels the relationship is too new and she really doesn't think the relationship will last. This is the first woman Jose started seeing since the divorce. 

Jose wants his daughter to meet his new, young girlfriend so that they can start doing things together. Now, he doesn't see his girlfriend when he has custody of his daughter and he want to see her more. Jose thinks that Amanda is mad because his new girlfriend is young and hot. 

Amanda really doesn't care if the new girlfriend is young and hot. She just doesn't want her daughter to see a revolving door of women in her father's life. She thinks Jose is just going through a wild period in his life because he is getting the attention from a young girl. She thinks this relationship will be over once the young girl realizes that Jose is really boring and like to stay and home and watch tv all the time.

Who do you side with on Side Takers?

Side with Jose and he'll introduce his new girlfriend to his daughter.

Side with Amanda and Jose won't introduce his daughter to his new girlfriend right now. 

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