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SideTakers with Ava and Mia!

Time to pick a side in SideTakers! Don't try to find a solution... Pick a side!

Ava and Mia have been friend for about 5 years. Ava has been seeing a man for about 10 months that lives in Chicago. She met him on a dating app. He's planning on flying to Orlando this weekend for Valentine's Day.


The guy that Ava has been seeing is flying to town on Friday night. He has made reservations for dinner each night and has planned out the whole weekend for the two of them.

The problem is that Ava is planning on breaking up with him. She has been talking to another guy, nothing serious has happened yet, just talking. Mia thinks that Ava should tell her friend before he comes to town that the relationship is over.. The guy has no idea that the relationship isn't going well. This trip was a surprise and Ava just found out about it last week. She feels like the guy has spent so much money buying an airline ticket and hotel that she would feel really bad if he lost his money. She likes the guy but just doesn't see the relationship going anywhere. Ava's plan is to have a good time over the weekend and break up with him in a couple of weeks. If he had told her about the trip before he booked it, she would have told him not to come. 

Mia thinks that is wrong for her friend to go through the motion of a relationship for the weekend. She thinks Ava should just tell him right now before he gets here. If he loses the money, that's his fault for spending the money before checking first. Mia knows Ava is a good person, and this guy would have no clue that after this weekend, he probably won't see her ever again. 

Ava isn't financially prepared to reimburse him for his trip so instead she'll just go through the weekend as planned.


Side with Ava and her friend will come to town as planned.

Side with Mya and Ava will tell the guy the relationship is over and he won't come to town.

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