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SideTakers with Sandy and Brandon!

It's time for SideTakers! You hear a problem and then pick a side! You can't try to solve it... you have to side with either Sandy OR Brandon?

Sandy and Brandon have been married about 9 years. Brandon has been invited to his boss's house for dinner and he's supposed to bring a vegan dish. Brandon tells everyone how great a cook his wife is.


Brandon's boss is having his annual dinner at his house. He only invites a few people employees to attend. This year Brandon has been invited to attend. This is big for Brandon's career with the company.

Brandon's boss is vegan, and Brandon mentioned that he's vegan also. Brandon isn't vegan. His boss has heard about how great a cook Sandy is and he wants her to bring one of her favorite vegan dishes.

Sandy doesn't want to do it because she doesn't have a favorite vegan dish and they aren't vegan. She can make one because they have a few friends that are vegan, and she can get a recipe from them. She doesn't feel right about doing it.

Brandon feels that it's too late to go back on the story now. Brandon told Sandy if she could just make the vegan dish, he'll make an excuse on why she couldn't come. That way she wouldn't have to be there. 

Sandy feels that a lie is a lie and it's just not right. Brandon feels that they're a team and she's not having his back. If he gets promoted, that will help out the family. He thinks she isn't being supportive, Sandy is a great cook, and the vegan dish would be amazing. All she would have to do is cook it and Brandon would take it to the dinner party by himself. Sandy just doesn't feel right about going through with this lie 


Side with Brandon and Sandy would make the dish and not go to the party?

Side with Sandy and she won't make the dish and Brandon would have to explain why?

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