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SideTakers with Mary and Anna

Mary and Anna have been dating for over a year. They started living together 2 months ago. The are slowly blending their worlds together. 


This Friday, Mary and Anna are going to a huge St. Patrick's Day party. This is going to be big because it's on a Friday and everyone they know are hanging out too. 

Mary has a friend(woman) that she's been friends with for about 10 years. They used to date many many years ago but now they are just friends. She is always like the 3rd wheel when the two of them hang out. It wouldn't be bad, but Mary's friend is annoying. When she's drunk, she becomes extremely annoying. This Friday, Anna knows Mary's friend will be in rare form. Anna doesn't want her to hang out with her for the St. Patrick's Day party. She wants to have a great time with no drama.

Mary feels there may be a bit of jealousy going on. When they started dating, she realized that her friend was an important part of her life, and she didn't have a problem with it. Mary's friend was there during a really dark part of her life, and she helped her through it. She doesn't feel right abandoning her.

 Anna understands the friendship and has excepted it. She just doesn't want her to go on Friday or at least tells her not to get so drunk to the point that Mary has to look after her. Anna thinks that Mary's friend is taking advantage of the friendship. She would never try to end the friendship but put up some boundaries up. One is her friend to stop getting so drunk that Mary has to take care of her. Anna just doesn't want her friend to go with them Friday. She can go to the party just not with them. They'll see each other there. 


Side with Mary and her friend will go to the big party on Friday.

Side with Anna and Mary's friend won't go with them so that Mary has to look after her

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